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From the very beginning

Our goal has always been to build a business our friends and families would be proud to support. Buying the locally grown and organic offerings at Max’s Market doesn’t simply support our community, it also supports our families, local growers, farmers, harvesters, processors, the environment, and a global organic economy. It helps all families live more fruitfully.


There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy in Montana, all year long. No matter where your adventures take you, we’ve packaged the perfect combination of snacks with these pastimes in mind. Just grab-and-go on a hike, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, paddleboarding, skiing, or boating across Flathead Lake!


Additionally, we believe it’s healthier for our bodies to eat in harmony with nature. So we change our menu according to what’s available and most bountiful throughout the year. Our small menu of snacks and meals is always fresh and inspired, naturally supporting your bodies’ seasonal needs.


Seasonal Local Produce


Freshly Baked Breads & Treats

We’re pleased to be able to offer fresh, handcrafted breads and baked goods that we bake in house and source from local bakers and bakeries. Each of these baked items is made with natural ingredients, less additives and more skill and artistry than what’s often made available in box stores. Our breads and baked goods taste every bit as good as they look!