A Family Venture

Bigfork, and the surrounding community, is a special place for us. It is where Max, Chris’ son, is being raised, where we get to adventure and explore, where we find delight in the variety of activities available during every season, and perhaps most importantly, Bigfork is a community that fuels our passion for wanting to help make things better than when we found them. For us, being a part of our Bigfork community is about giving back, supporting small businesses, promoting sustainability and conservation, volunteering our time and talents, learning, growing, and helping to make Bigfork a place we are proud to raise Max, and proud to call home.

Our idea for Max’s Market came from a simple desire to add something to Bigfork that would ultimately make it better. Our local area has so many gifted growers, makers, musicians, artists, and creators. We wanted to find a way to showcase the incredible talent that we have seen and experienced every day since living here. We realized that our love for eating well & living boldly, could be paired with our passion for music, art, educating ourselves & others, and giving back - to create a unique specialty store and community space. As we started to craft the idea of a specialty grocery store that would focus on local & organic goods, we began to realize that our Market would be so much more than a grocery store- it would hopefully become a wellness destination. A place not only for local, organic and clean food, but for art, music, educational talks, and a place to truly connect with one another and the community.

After a short two weeks of officially opening the doors at Max’s Market, we can confidently that say we are overjoyed by the support of so many community members, visitors, purveyors, vendors & farmers. Our vision, that we so carefully crafted over late night conversations (and lots of spreadsheets!), has finally become a reality and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you!

Chris, Jenny & Max

Jenny EVans